What Is Your Name Again?

20150301_165246-kdcollageHi, my name is Khay. I’m not a good writer and I don’t have skills. But I do still talk and share things through writing so here I am. This wouldn’t be my first blog but it still feels like it is. Haha. I believe, I had 4 personal blogs back then on tumblr and I’d been in a long hiatus because of different complications of life but then, that wouldn’t stop me to talk to myself or write, I should say. This page or site or blog wouldn’t describe the whole me. Don’t get me wrong but let’s get real here, it might reflect my feelings at certain things but this wouldn’t stand as myself or who am I. No, it might but not the whole thing. Does it make sense? Perhaps I’m just sharing things I believe people might get benefit from. Well, I do read. A lot. Especially when I have time. I’m a music enthusiast, I’m a panic buyer, I’m a traveler, photo taker, a fan of candid photos, a believer of my own, a doer, a lover, a friend and a family and I super love Chicken Adobo even I have allergy in chicken. And I have goals in life by the way. And just a head’s up, I might post a lot of rant things. Also complains and opinions since I’m a believer of my own. So please bear with me. xo, Khay


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