Needing New Human Parents; Adopt New Fur-Babies


When I was young, we had 2 dogs: (1) Tissue Sr and (2) Tissue Jr. My father gave their names and I don’t know why he named them Tissue. They were Philippine dogs and they were so beautiful. (Because they say, that askals aren’t beautiful. Boo you!). They passed away due to oldness. Imagine how sad we were when they passed away. They said that dogs could only live 13 years but I think Tissue Sr lived 15 years with us.

Back 2013, my BF gave me crossed breed cat name Sophie. I forgot why we named her like that. Sophie was really really beautiful and a weird cat haha! She’s so hyper and always want to play. I thought that she forgot she’s a cat not a dog. Since she was a young lady cat she kept on finding ways to get outside to find a husband or a mate (My parents told me). I remember my mom woke me up in paranoia because Sophie was missing. We roamed and asked around and we saw her on the roof of one of our neighbors’ with another cute cat. After that incident, we fixed our house and covered any hole that she might find to come out.

Unfortunately, that time I had a baby sister and according to the old folks furs trigger asthma to attack. So we had no choice but to bring Sophie to our other house in Antipolo. She was watched by our neighbors as well as we have someone who always come and go to watch and clean our house and feed Sophie. I’m against to the decision but I had no choice. At this time, Sophie is still in Antipolo but not that well pet anymore. And my sisters said who always visit the house, Sophie had children already and is living with another cat. We believe it’s her husband. And she’s kept by our neighbor.

Since my baby sister is all grown up now, I think I could have pets na. Pets bring extra happiness to a household. They relieve stress. So, I joined some groups on facebook to find the perfect pet. It really doesn’t matter if they are askal, puspin or what not. As long as they’ll love me and my family. Right?

I also encourage each of us to adopt pets instead of buying one. Help them and give them love that they deserve. Or you might want to sponsor some of them if you’re not allowed a adopt. Rescue one!


Please do visit these websites and see how cute they are:


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