Things You Should Try To Do Alone


Some people are too scared to be alone and yes, back then, I was too. I even couldn’t go to somewhere to eat or hung out with no one to be with. But I learned that being alone is not a sin and not that scary. Sometimes, being alone gives you privacy, silence or piece of mind that you wouldn’t find somewhere else. Sometimes, people are giving too much attention to things that are giving them headache or pain in the butt, and often times, what they don’t know is.. all they need is rest and silence.

Why don’t you try to do this alone and see:

  • Eat – go somewhere and eat a fancy food. Choose the most expensive ones, take a photo of yourself post it online and be proud.
  • Sip a coffee in a café – get your book and sip a coffee. Stay there for an hour or so. You might not notice, you’re already finished reading the entire book.
  • Buy clothes – go to a fancy boutique, test to wear an expensive item without an intention to buy it.
  • Go to a concert – just dance and sing along. Feel the music, enjoy yourself.
  • Jogging – you might wanna consider adding this. Plot a time. Go to the nearest park, bring your mp3 player/phone and plug your earphones and you’re ready to go. Exhausting yourself with this kind of thing is like rewarding yourself.
  • See a cinema – This might sound ridiculous to some, but I think, it’s nice to watch a movie outside of your comfort pace (your room). Cry yourself out! You might get shock seeing that you’re not alone being alone seeing a movie!
  • Walk your pet out – another enjoying thing to do with none human to be  with. Just your baby pet.
  • Travel – Go to the nearest town from your place that you haven’t gone yet. Meet new people, go on adventure and learned new things.

These are just some of the things you might want to try to do alone. It will not hurt. Sometimes, we just need some silence and just be yourself.


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