5 Weird Things About Me

5 weird things about me

I’m not really certain to post this one, but then, why not? Haha. Definitely no one cares. What would I share then? Of course those I’m good at and that would be about myself! Haha.

Good thing, I have a personal blog that I could post whatever I want even if it’s nonsense. Bleh, not gonna follow certified and legit bloggers’ rule or tips about not posting rants. So I decided to put another “thing” here, another list.

If you’re an observant and we’re friends you knew this already but a lot of my friends don’t know these weird stuff about me. So here I’am and ready to throw the beans! LELZ.

I bite my tongue // whenever I’m so piss, so focus to a certain thing or gigil I tend to bite my tongue. I inherited that habit from my father. haha.

Mouth sore // I always get mouth sore. Actually I had last week and I was super ill for 2 weeks because of that then got another one last Monday until now and got another wound on my tongue. I’m so a looser. Huhubels~

Misuse of fork // I use the fork facing the front face of the fork towards the spoon. My parents thought me right. I just got used to that. Haha.

Coffee // I’m not a coffee drinker but when I want to drink one, I want it as cold coffee. Whenever I buy coffee it should be, iced coffee or coffee jelly or frappe. And when I’m at home, I put ice in my coffee. I also just drink coffee whenever I feel bloated or when the food that I ate 3 days ago haven’t digested yet. In short whenever I haven’t gone to the comfort room. Coffee has a strong kick for my digestion.

Strawberry & salt // When I eat strawberry, I should eat it with salt. I don’t see this weird but when I told this to my colleague, he laughed so hard and thought that it was weird. So okay, this might be weird but I just think that strawberry doesn’t have taste so I eat it with salt.

These are some of the things that are kinda weird about me. I’m not really shame of this. Why? I think it’s cute because these are my identifiers. Right?


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