Currently On Repeat Vol. 2


These past few days, I missed my old life. My simple but fun life. Money was not a problem in those days. It’s not because I’m a rich kid or what not but I didn’t have a day job or a decent job to call. I didn’t have works to be passed or not even rushing things up because it was due. I wasn’t pressured or chocking myself up due to unbreathable loads of work.

I wasn’t having a problem with money because I had my own business. I wasn’t not into earning money. I wasn’t into the thought that money is our happiness. No, Of course not but don’t get me wrong, money could give us happiness. How would we be able to travel if we don’t have money for fare and what so ever? How would we be able to buy fancy and the-bomb-diggity food? Right?

But then these past days or these days, I felt really really exhausted. I wasn’t be able to do what I wanted to do because I have work to do. I have go to work and work my ass off. Very very hard. I have metrics to pass. I have bosses to impress and I don’t have enough time for myself and for other people who are so important to me.

Anyway, enough the drama. Haha! So yeah, I missed my old life but let’s be matured. So, instead of drowning myself with all this drama, I thought just to go with the flow temporarily and prepare myself for the future.

So here’s my on repeat list. Some of them were recently downloaded and some were not.

  • Ghost – Hasley
  • Talking Body – Tove Lo
  • Breezeblocks – Alt-J
  • Bright – Echosmith
  • Chocolate – 1975

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