Let’s Talk About Books

20140117_163031Which do your prefer: physical books or e-books?

Of course physical books. Back then, I tried to download e-books, after a week I just uninstalled everything from my phone. I like the smell and the feeling having a physical book. Buying a book is such an investment.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

I know that this question is asking for just one, but I have a lot! Haha. Here’s my list, Stephanie Plum from Plum Series by Janet Evanonich, Alaska Young of Looking For Alaska by John Green and Isabella Swan of  Twilight By Stephenie Meyer.

Longest book you read?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. And oh, there’s this book that I haven’t finished yet it feels like it’s so long. Haha. Eat Love and Pray.

What is your favorite quote from a book?

“Pain demands to be felt.” – The Fault In Our Stars

What are your reading habits?

Nothing in particular. I like reading in any position, but most often, I just lay in bed.

How many book shelves do you have?

I have three.

Most hated fictional character?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I have one.

How often do you read?

Back then, when I still had a lot of spare time, I always read. I could finish one book in just one sit or when I just bought book, I read it immediately. But now, I have a day work.. I don’t have enough time to read. Saddens me.

What’s your all-time favorite book?

I think, Looking For Alaska or The Fault In Our Stars

Which do you prefer to do: read one book at a time or several at once?

I tried reading several books at once but I couldn’t finish them! Hahaha. So, I just stick one book at a time.

Which book(s) do you think changed or had an impact to your life?

Every book that I read. Always make sure that you learned something from the books you’d read.

Where your favorite place to read?

In my room. So peaceful.

Do you ship book characters?

Yes! Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton.

What book took the longest time for you to read and for how long?

Eat Pray and Love

Favorite place to get books?

Pages and Chapters and National Book Store.


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