Life Currently vol. 101


Hello young world! I so missed writing. I’d been so busy due to work and life-related stuff. Also, our internet provider sucks and I couldn’t do things online. And hey, this feels so good so let’s jump right into it.

Be sensitive. I’d seen the real life in the real world and I’d learned so many things. Real world is so beautiful but it’s people are cruel due to certain circumstances. We say and do bullshit things without being  sensitive enough.

Respect. Filipinos are known for being religious. But what I couldn’t understand is other people couldn’t respect what others’ beliefs. They can say cruel things whenever  they experience inconveniences. And that’s bullshit! Each of everyone of us, represents what our religion is or what we’re believing to. So I’m not really sure, if other religious sectors taught you to be like that or what not. It’s about respect and not being in the set of convenient.

Be unique. I know it’s not bad to idolize people and stalk them in a daily basis. To get some inspirations and what not but I don’t see it healthy, when others making their lives as exact same thing from the people they’re idolizing. You know what I mean? Or, if someone sees her/his friend does stuff and they’re successful with that certain thing, and you’ll do the same exact thing? Like, are you okay? Are you you? Ha-ha. Just be unique and don’t depend your life with others. Or just get inspirations from them instead.

Don’t just jump into something huge. My boyfriend and I were planning something big for next year. We decided to exert so much effort and just focus on one thing. Being extrovert , I really don’t know what to do first. But since I have guidance from him, I think we can do this.

It made me wiser. Life taught me so well.

Soul Adventurer. Every December, Robert always gives me an adventure gift. And we’re planning to go to Cebu or Bora this year.

Long term.  I just invested to something new. And still looking for other options or what the world has to offer. And as an open-minded and business oriented, I’m still not satisfied what I had/have. Not material stuff but what my life has/had. I don’t know how to explain but I had this perception that when it comes to being stable, don’t be contented having just one source of income. So even I have a day job, and invested to something else, got another business and still looking for somethings else. I have a lot of ideas and I don’t know how to apply those. Still working on it!

Be a sponge. Learning is not always in the four corners of school or doesn’t stop in school. So I’m going to pursue whatever I had started.

Be happy. If you’re following me on instagram or twitter, most probably you already knew what is it about. Well, all I know is, whatever you do people always say shit against you, so might as well do whatever makes you happy. Happy is a choice. Don’t let problem slaves the you.

I have so many things going on, if you’ll ask me what I’m going to do, I’ll just answer you a shrug and smile. Everything happens for a reason so just join the ride. But in that ride, be different, do your best effort, be the best of you and be the person your future you will thank you for.


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