Not Young, Not Wild, But Free


If you’re reading this on my blog or any where else, finally, I’d gotten to post this! Most probably we already had a new internet provider. Well, we don’t! I’m using my phone to post this. So if you see some typo errors or what not, my apologies. At this moment, we don’t have internet at home because our internet provider — Wi-tribe sucks. And yes, unfornutely, we’re using Wi-tribe for quite some time now. Ha, would you believe our patience having business with them? We didn’t have a choice. Huhu.

Anyway, I was writing this down to my old 2014 planner that I hadn’t used that much ’cause I don’t always follow what’s written on my planner! Haha. And I was too lazy to get up and get the laptop. Maybe, I also missed writing literally since we’re paperless in the office. Anyway, I was listening to Arctic Monkeys so I’m enjoying this moment.

Since we don’t have, urgh, internet and I’m just taking advantage of the free (limited) data my telecom provider’s offering, I was just allowed to look at my fb or sometime, if I’m lucky enough could tweet once in awhile. While browsing my Facebook wall or timeline (??), I saw this post of one of my friends,

“Not young, not wild, but free.”

How cool was that right? Removing the added words is too cliche to this generation. And I just thought, yeah, yeah, that was cool.

I’m not young anymore, I’m not that wild, but I’m definitely free.

Who told me that even there’s added number to my age, I can’t do whatever I like? Who told me, in order for me to fit in, I have to do all the wild things spontaneously? And who told me that I’m imprison to this dictative and distractive world? It’s not necessarily mean that if you already tied the knot or your partner is not allowing you to do certain things you’re not free anymore. Everything is free, the only thing that we should keep in mind is, how are we going to enjoy life and be happy?

I just want to reiterate that we make our own choices to achieve so called, “happy life.” Of course, there might be bumps along the way, we may feel lonely sometimes or someone choose to let go and walk to a different direction but we might also want to consider for us to feel happy, we have to feel the sadness, loneliness, being left behind. Life has to be balance. You don’t have to do crazy things that could mess up your life because he broke up with you or so you can fit in. You don’t have to. I know sometimes life is harsh but you have to calm yourself down and think first. Like what they’d said, head over heel. Mind over matter.

I don’t want to be guru or psychologist here or teaching you on how to deal with life. Just a piece of advice. Hope this would help a little. Especially to my friends who are facing difficulties. Everything will be fine.


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