Why Just Now JB?


Unfortunately we still don’t have internet and I’m still using my phone to do stuff. We’re too busy working our asses off and too occupied with more important things. Making memories with love ones, reading books, making experiences etc.

I spent my whole day offs or weekend going to malls, and since they’re on sale, we bought some stuff. I’m trying to finish the book I’m reading to start another book. Colored my hair to golden brown but it turned out red 😱. Watched vlogs that I missed from my favorite vloggers on youtube. But most of the time, I’m just sleeping. Ha-ha.

While coping up with the vlogs I missed and searching some new good music to feed my ears, I saw this new music video of Justin Bieber — Sorry. And it was freaking good!

I already illegally downloaded his new single, What Do You Mean a week after they posted the official music video on youtube. But I didn’t expect his whole new album — Purpose, to be a great album. OMG.

Back then, I see Justin Bieber how I see Taylor Swift, I don’t like the artist but I like the songs. But today, after I heard the whole album with 20 tracks, I don’t know but I’m starting to like Justin Bieber himself! I can say that he already redeemed himself. Haha.

Already got my copy of his album and here’s the list of my top 5 favorite tracks (Not in order):
Where Are U Now
Love Yourself
Hit The Ground
Life Is Worth Living

Actually, I like every freaking track huhu, forgive me. I’m not into trend, if you’re my friend, you know that. But every track has a deep meaning, they executed it perfectly. See how this album has done to me? Haha. I also saw this photo on Facebook, and immediately shared it! Hahaha. Seriously!



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