Bonifacio Day


On the other side of the Earth, they are having Cyber Monday today. And us, here in the Phippines, we have Bonifacio Day. It is a Special Holiday, remembering the birthday of one of our great heroes who fought our freedom from the greedy hands of the conquers who wanted to take advantage of the wealth of our own land.

To be honest with you, there’s no other special things goin on today unless you’re one of the people who really are into politics or activities to celebrate it. And me? I’m just at home, watching the last episode of The Walking Dead this year, I’m also finishing the book I’m currently reading and killing myself by boredom.

Looking on twitter, I saw this post of Saab Magalona:


I also saw a lot of responses from her followers. And me, myself got hook and had thought of it! Some of my complaints are:

1. If we, Filipinos could follow the stay on the right side of the lane. Like Japan does, or whenever we’re in school, I believe it was taught there, ’cause my school does, especially when we’re in public places. Bumping to people isn’t a nice idea.
2. If we could follow the line/queue responsibly. You know what I mean? Hays.
3. Please, make it a habit to cover your mouth whenever you’re going to sneeze or cough. Not everyone has strong immune system.
4. Don’t also be so insensitive spitting anywhere else or in public places or where and whenever you like. One, its gross and two, it can spread diseases! Oh my good Lord.
5. We have a lot of public vehicles here, and if you’re riding one, please sit properly unless you bought it.

Sometimes, I ended up talking myself complaining such. I don’t know, but I think it starts at home. If you could, please don’t hesitate to practice common sense rules. Better late that sorry!


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