Hey, Monday!

Was about to take photo for the blog and this little guy cutely ruined it.

I know it’s not Monday anymore, I wrote this down to my old 2014 planner again. So let me start this rant. Ha-ha.

I just arrived home from my 2-day adventure slash spending my 13th month pay. An additional bonus given by the company I’m working for, and it’s been a year now! It’s my first 13th month pay in my entire 23 years of existence. I know, your eyebrow rises, don’t judge me. I know what I’m doing.

In my 2-day adventure outside with my boyfriend and some couple of friends, I’ve learned so many things. A lot of realizations, changes of perspective and plans written in the air.

Literally, it’s like meeting with friends on a Sunday night with glass wine for each of us, but instead of wine, we had beer. It was a routine we were used to but we’re just grown up people now. The room was filled with people who have plans and wanted to hear each other’s plans and humor. All I heard were exchanging plans, sorrow, lessons learned and laughter. I could include it on my best nights list.

And then, I read this post by the blogger I’m following on tumblr. She said, a lot of us are waiting for the “perfect time” to do what we’re planning to. But then, we can fuck it up and do what matters most. What makes you happy. What makes you feel successful. It gave me courage to do this huge plan, maybe, I was waiting for the “perfect timing” but not anymore. What I’m waiting now, is to finish what I had started and start the new plan. Not detailed plan but a draft plan. Maybe, I just want to finish this so I could say, I have achievements. I don’t know, but I will, one way or another. Next year will be my year.

How about you? You have plans for next year already?


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