Life Recently


I think this kind of category means I have to share what happened recently, what’s new or what not. So here I go..

New URL – So I decide to change my URL, from writekhay to spellkhay. I know, it looks like I copied Saab Magalona’s URL. I don’t know, ever since the world has begun I wanted to have this URL. No, just kidding. But yes, ever since I really wanted to have this URL. My name is a huge part of my personality and life. Of course. As well as people don’t know how to spell it correctly. I remember one time when my Tita and I went to the grocery store and bought  a cake. Of course, we have to wait for not less than 15 minutes to get the cake. So we decided to buy some stuff inside and asked the sale person that we’ll be right back. So he asked our names for identification, my Tita said my name and the sale person spelled it “Key”. After that, my Tita always calls me, Key. As in Key (kih). It’s not funny at all. Seriously.

I am jobless – I’m not bragging this out or spilling this out to the whole world, but yes I m jobless. I’m not really sure what to type in here. But hey, I’m looking for a job online. Home-based job particularly. I discovered a lot of things online and I’m trying my best to support myself. I’ll make a blog post about what I’ve discovered. Soon!

Weekend getaway – Last weekend, we went swimming with my boyfriend and 4 of our friends. It was just unplanned but it went smoothly great. I want to make a separate post about it but I don’t have enough photos to show.

Decluttering my room – Last week, I tried as best as I could to rearrange so of my stuff in my room. Found some things from the past such as my old planners, skatchpads and some old photos. It was tiring. I’m not yet finished though I was planning to paint the whole room and apply all the DIYs I read online.

Place to chill – We discovered a new place to hang out. Totally artsy. I’ll make a separate post about it if I not going to procrastinate on the following days.

All ears – I already switched to Spotify permanently since 8Track isn’t available in the Philippines anymore. And I discovered so many new awesome musics to listen to! And what’s great about the application is they have so many tracks that already listed in playlists depending onto your mood! They also offering a promo today, Php 9.00/month for your first 3 months! OMG it still excites me.

New course – I am taking a new online course. Since I am unemployed, I have to grab the chance and maximize the time while I don’t have any commitment to any company yet. The course will last for 20 days. Everyday I just have to take the class for 20 minutes. If I have spare time, I can definitely take all classes in just 1 hell a day. It’s totally free and I will get a certificate after finishing a particular course!

That’s all. Nothing fancy. Got my pen and planner, and I will try to post once or twice a week. Noone’s reading this little world of mine but I just wanna track everything so in the future I can laugh myself. Haha.





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