Tita Feels


Tita Feels is an idiom joke in the Philippines. It means, girls aren’t young /teens anymore. Technically speaking we are getting older and in the situation of settling down and making your own family but you don’t have the plans yet. And everyone’s around you is getting married, having children and their children are calling you, “tita”.  Nope, just kidding. But technically you’re just growing up.

The picture above seems that it’s not related to the topic and I just edited it and put the title just for me to say that I have a banner for this post. Nuh-ah. But believe me, it is. It is related. I found these photos while I’m cleaning my room. These  were super old photos of me, my boyfriend and two of my other friends. And realized I’m not teenager anymore. So I created a list on how you identify if you’re in “Tita Feels” situation.

  • You chose to sleep over night out. You are so excited for Friday night not because for partying with your girlfriends all night long because, hello.. it’s TGIF but because you can definitely sleep for straight 3 nights.


  • Social Medias aren’t important anymore. When you realized that ranting online is nonsense and seeing people’s selfies every 10 minutes is a total bullcrap. And when you realized that facebook isn’t the measurement of a relationship. And lastly, you have the guts to unfriend/unfollow those kind of people.


  •  Billionaire everyday. When you realized that being a billionaire once a month doesn’t sound fun anymore. So you control yourself being an impulsive buyer and you begin to be stingy in so many ways. ’cause hello, why do  you want to be a billionaire once a month if you can be a millionaire every freaking day, right?


  • Responsibilities. When you realized you have so many responsibilities but you still work it out. You go girl!


  • Your parents are always right. You realized your parents were  right when they told you, don’t watch cartoons  1 inch-away from the monitor because it could cause sight problem.


  • Love VS Logic. When you make decisions based on logic and not emotions. And when you realized that LOVE is a choice and not emotion.


  • Being happy. Being happy doesn’t always mean that you  have to be in a relationship. You realized that you’re old enough to be happy because of the way you arem and you can be happy by choosing to be happy. And when you don’t give a crap anymore when someone’s shitting you.


  • Long-term plans. When you think about future and chose long-term implications instead temporary happiness and being wasted from a party.


Frankly we cannot stop being an adult. I think, what we have to do is deal with it, be contented and enjoy life. Anyway, mind over matter.




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