Too Good to be True Job Ads

There are a lot of things posted online about promising home-based jobs. Giving you high compensation but less work. And most of them are too good to be true! It’s saddening that most people are buying those kind of crap. And it’s ashamed because I was one of them.

I was looking for a decent home-based job on one of the most reliable site until I stumbled to an Ad. Nothing fancy on their ad and they were the only one who responded to my application. We all know that there are phases that you have to udergo to be fully qualified. And I did most of it. I was very happy that they responded, at the same time they were offering $700/month. I converted it to Peso and I was extremely happy. Though it’s kind of odd because we’re having a conversation regarding the job through Viber. Which was a little informal. So I tried to research the name of the recruiter that was stated on their first and only email.

What I found out was, it was a scam! There’s a Pinoy forum website that discusses scams, fraud jobs and what not. Lucky me, that I found it out. Unfortunately this happened on the first week of the month and I wasn’t thinking to blog about it so I deleted the email sent by them because of disappointment. So I don’t have the copy of it.  Though I have the Viber convo.


The point is, they are not the only one who can take benefit of your needs to get a job. There’s a bunch them on internet. This isn’t my first time. I tried so many things and ended up being lied to.

I am a member of a group on facebook called Home-based Jobs for you. Technically it’s like a community helping one another to find a home-based job though of course taking benefit also when it comes to referral jobs.

I saw a post by one of the members from the said group about a job offering $25/hour. It really caught my attention to be honest. Without thinking I tried to look their website as well as the recruiter’s site. I can say, it looks like legitimately scam. LOL.

I made a research about this and found out that it is owned by Sherm Mason. There’s a lot of issues glued to him specifically scam activities. Two of the blogs I saw are and There’s also a youtube video reviewing about the scheme.


It’s just so saddening that Pinoys buy this kind of thing. We cannot blame nobody because of the poverty we all experiencing in the cruel world. Putting in a nutshell, I can say that if we really in need of having an income, we make a research first. Such as reviews. Don’t stick to one or two reviews. Read as much as you can. And also, be vigilant. There are a lot of blogs providing you so many lists where you can find a decent home-based job. Well, good luck to all of us.


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