What I’ve Learned From My Long-Term Relationship (8th Anniversary)


Today, Robert and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary. Or technically, not today because most probably, I will post this past midnight LOL. I’m not going to elaborate what we had done today, or I’m not going to post an open letter (we already said the sweetest notes or messages to each other already, no need to spill it out online). Instead, I’ll share what I’ve learned from this relationship.

Also, please note that  I’m by no means a love or relationship expert. These are just based on my experience.

  • Not all the time  you have the same interests

    Of course, you do have same interests but not all the time. This is the perfect time to know more about your partner. Learn to blend your interest to your partner’s interest. This is also the perfect timing to do different things than the things you both used to do.

  • Give personal space

    Yes, you’ve been together for quite some time now. But remember that both of you are still two different individuals. Everyone of us doesn’t want to be suffocated. You both still have things that should be done individually.

  • Quality time

    I know that you have to give or need personal space but make sure that you’re not using your quality time together. Being busy on other things isn’t an excuse. Always make time for each other. If there’s a will, there’s a way. This is also a perfect time to catch up on each other.

  • Take care of yourself

    Though your partner has seen you with or without make up or clothes and accepted you for who you really are doesn’t mean you’re not going to take care of yourself. Aside of feeling good about your body, physically or mentally, you still should atleast be presentable to your partner. Be the best you can be.

  • Give your full support

    Sometimes, we might disagree on things our partner wants. You just have to explain what do you think about your partner’s decision in a very calm and nice way. If they still insists and as long as noone’s going to be hurt and the decision makes your partner happy, always always support them no matter what.

  • Don’t lose communication

    We can’t avoid being busy or occupied by  different things. But again, it’s not an excuse. Noone will be occupied every second in a day. You can definitely take advantage of the technology and just tell to your partner that you’re working on things and you’ll talk to them later of the day. A single text message won’t hurt. But this will not end here, communication is also reaching out to your partner. If you want something to say, say it. If you’re afraid or confused say it. If y ou have a problem about something, share it. You have to talk. Communication is the key of everything.

  • Social media isn’t about everything

    Even we’re living in a technology world and sharing-everything-online-generation, doesn’t mean  you’re responsible to over share online. Usually, a private relationship lasts longer.

  • Money is the stupidest thing to start an argument

    Money is naturally supposed to earn and spend. If one of you mistakenly spent some bucks or a grand, no need to fight about it. You will earn it again. Just talk about it and learn from your mistakes.

  • Appreciate every little thing

    Remember that happiness starts on little things. Just be appreciative. Be thankful. Treasure every moment.


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