Life Recently


I think this kind of category means I have to share what happened recently, what’s new or what not. So here I go..

New URL – So I decide to change my URL, from writekhay to spellkhay. I know, it looks like I copied Saab Magalona’s URL. I don’t know, ever since the world has begun I wanted to have this URL. No, just kidding. But yes, ever since I really wanted to have this URL. My name is a huge part of my personality and life. Of course. As well as people don’t know how to spell it correctly. I remember one time when my Tita and I went to the grocery store and bought  a cake. Of course, we have to wait for not less than 15 minutes to get the cake. So we decided to buy some stuff inside and asked the sale person that we’ll be right back. So he asked our names for identification, my Tita said my name and the sale person spelled it “Key”. After that, my Tita always calls me, Key. As in Key (kih). It’s not funny at all. Seriously.

I am jobless – I’m not bragging this out or spilling this out to the whole world, but yes I m jobless. I’m not really sure what to type in here. But hey, I’m looking for a job online. Home-based job particularly. I discovered a lot of things online and I’m trying my best to support myself. I’ll make a blog post about what I’ve discovered. Soon!

Weekend getaway – Last weekend, we went swimming with my boyfriend and 4 of our friends. It was just unplanned but it went smoothly great. I want to make a separate post about it but I don’t have enough photos to show.

Decluttering my room – Last week, I tried as best as I could to rearrange so of my stuff in my room. Found some things from the past such as my old planners, skatchpads and some old photos. It was tiring. I’m not yet finished though I was planning to paint the whole room and apply all the DIYs I read online.

Place to chill – We discovered a new place to hang out. Totally artsy. I’ll make a separate post about it if I not going to procrastinate on the following days.

All ears – I already switched to Spotify permanently since 8Track isn’t available in the Philippines anymore. And I discovered so many new awesome musics to listen to! And what’s great about the application is they have so many tracks that already listed in playlists depending onto your mood! They also offering a promo today, Php 9.00/month for your first 3 months! OMG it still excites me.

New course – I am taking a new online course. Since I am unemployed, I have to grab the chance and maximize the time while I don’t have any commitment to any company yet. The course will last for 20 days. Everyday I just have to take the class for 20 minutes. If I have spare time, I can definitely take all classes in just 1 hell a day. It’s totally free and I will get a certificate after finishing a particular course!

That’s all. Nothing fancy. Got my pen and planner, and I will try to post once or twice a week. Noone’s reading this little world of mine but I just wanna track everything so in the future I can laugh myself. Haha.





5 Happy Things


I was about to post this yesterday but I haven’t had any idea how to finish it. I just had a list of 3 out of 10, haha. I kept on writing the list of how I manage myself to be happy despite of hindrances instead of a list of the things that made me happy and I should thank for. Let me try it again, this time, maybe list of 5?

  1. Even my parents and I have arguments most of the time at the end of the day, I always realize how lucky I am to have them as my parents. Aaaawwww. Haha! No, but seriously, I’d heard a lot of complaints from other people or excuse me, from my friends as well about their parents. Don’t get me wrong, I just usually tell complaints to my friends too but that just how busy my parents are. That’s it. It’s just they’re giving us the best what they got. Basta, I’m so lucky. I don’t want this to be too dramatic. Haha.
  2. I have a love-and-hate relationship with my day job. I always think that I got the worst job on earth ever. If you don’t know my job. I’m working as bank associate and a relationship manager thru phone. Our main customers are Americans or those people who live in states, and yes, EST. Huhu. That’s why I really hate my job. I have to adjust my sleeping routine and my whole life to work my ass off. But then, when I’m thinking about it, I can buy whatever I want, I can experience the things that I couldn’t when I was a student or I had my own business. I can also support my family or even just pay the bills. And even I get lazy at times to go to work, I’d gotten a chance to have a conversation with an old folk or those friendly customers, those convos made my day already. It’s like you have new friends. I can talk with different people that have different cultures around the globe. The compliment coming from them that I don’t sound foreign or don’t have thick accent. I had a chance to talk to Americans, Koreans, German, English, Mumbai, Italians, Mexican, Russians, Spaniards, Aussie, Japanese and Chinese. That’s wow. You know what I mean? It’s like I already traveled around the globe.
  3. Since I chose to work my ass off instead of being stucked in the 4 corners of the room to study limited stuff written on books, and there are only 2 of my sisters still learning or mastering things from the book, I mean studying, Mom decided to pursue her Masteral. I believed that she consulted one of my sisters if it’s okay. Of course, it was. Its her dream, how could we say no?
  4. Just now, I’m not really sure if this should be posted here but it made me happy! My father just arrived, he’s complaining about his arm, I thought he got an injury or accident, he brought my mother to school but then, he got a tattoo! It made me happy ’cause last time I remember he didn’t want us to have a tattoo. Even just a hena. Me, as a stubborn child, I always made hena back then. I was planning to have a real one but since he didn’t want to, iyak na lang. Haha. But then, since he got one, wohooooo!
  5. Of course this wouldn’t complete without my lovey-love, let’s be real here, there’s no perfect relationship. Even we’ve been together for almost 8 years, we still argue and fight until now. But the best thing about this guy that he never gives up. I still feel butterflies in my tummy. He never fails to make me laugh even I’m in the baddest mood. let me agree, maybe yes, I’m pretty lucky with the people I have.

They said that happier people are the sadder people. I can say that I belong to the happy group that can be sad as well. I think that it just means, when they’re happy, they the happiest ones, but when they’re sad, they’re the saddest ones. You know what I mean? Anyway, we couldn’t say that we’re happy if we never experienced sadness. I always say to my friends that mind over matter.

Life in Photos

life in photos

  1. Last Monday, I asked Bading, my boyfriend to watch Heneral Luna. The meeting time was before 4 p.m. I didn’t have sleep that day but I managed to go out on time. I was wearing my new jersey shirt but when I heard the rain pouring, I changed to jacket, skinny pants and my bulky SB Nike. My so called, when-it-rains-heavily-starting-pack.
  2. He waited for me after shift. Take note, I work on a graveyard shift. My out was 5 a.m. and he was in 7-eleven outside our building at 4 a.m. I know, I was lucky to have this guy.
  3. Last time, our manager treated us in eat-all-you-can in Eastwood, I also got a certificate for being a top agent for the month of July.
  4. Whenever I come home early in the morning, I always notice this little cat sleeping on our old motorcycle. Such a cutie, I wanna pet her but she’s our neighbor’s.
  5. We all know that even girls have a lot of clothes, we always say that we don’t have something to wear anymore. And I felt it that moment. So I DIY-ed my huge Wrangler polo that I bought from the thrift store. And I nailed it!
  6. My boyfriend and I hung out in U.P., I missed that! I was goofing around and he was busy playing NBA on his phone.

Currently On Repeat Vol. 3


Heyah! So these are my currently faves:

  • Come Together – Echosmith
  • All Eyes on You – Meek Mill ft. Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj
  • The Night Is Still Young – Nicki Minaj
  • Wild Dreams – Taylor Swift
  • Millionaires – The Script
  • I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith ft. A$AP Rocky

I’m fully aware that these songs don’t blend to one another but who cares? Ha-ha. I’ll make one next time, like a mixtape?

Life Currently vol. 101


Hello young world! I so missed writing. I’d been so busy due to work and life-related stuff. Also, our internet provider sucks and I couldn’t do things online. And hey, this feels so good so let’s jump right into it.

Be sensitive. I’d seen the real life in the real world and I’d learned so many things. Real world is so beautiful but it’s people are cruel due to certain circumstances. We say and do bullshit things without being  sensitive enough.

Respect. Filipinos are known for being religious. But what I couldn’t understand is other people couldn’t respect what others’ beliefs. They can say cruel things whenever  they experience inconveniences. And that’s bullshit! Each of everyone of us, represents what our religion is or what we’re believing to. So I’m not really sure, if other religious sectors taught you to be like that or what not. It’s about respect and not being in the set of convenient.

Be unique. I know it’s not bad to idolize people and stalk them in a daily basis. To get some inspirations and what not but I don’t see it healthy, when others making their lives as exact same thing from the people they’re idolizing. You know what I mean? Or, if someone sees her/his friend does stuff and they’re successful with that certain thing, and you’ll do the same exact thing? Like, are you okay? Are you you? Ha-ha. Just be unique and don’t depend your life with others. Or just get inspirations from them instead.

Don’t just jump into something huge. My boyfriend and I were planning something big for next year. We decided to exert so much effort and just focus on one thing. Being extrovert , I really don’t know what to do first. But since I have guidance from him, I think we can do this.

It made me wiser. Life taught me so well.

Soul Adventurer. Every December, Robert always gives me an adventure gift. And we’re planning to go to Cebu or Bora this year.

Long term.  I just invested to something new. And still looking for other options or what the world has to offer. And as an open-minded and business oriented, I’m still not satisfied what I had/have. Not material stuff but what my life has/had. I don’t know how to explain but I had this perception that when it comes to being stable, don’t be contented having just one source of income. So even I have a day job, and invested to something else, got another business and still looking for somethings else. I have a lot of ideas and I don’t know how to apply those. Still working on it!

Be a sponge. Learning is not always in the four corners of school or doesn’t stop in school. So I’m going to pursue whatever I had started.

Be happy. If you’re following me on instagram or twitter, most probably you already knew what is it about. Well, all I know is, whatever you do people always say shit against you, so might as well do whatever makes you happy. Happy is a choice. Don’t let problem slaves the you.

I have so many things going on, if you’ll ask me what I’m going to do, I’ll just answer you a shrug and smile. Everything happens for a reason so just join the ride. But in that ride, be different, do your best effort, be the best of you and be the person your future you will thank you for.

Currently On Repeat Vol. 2


These past few days, I missed my old life. My simple but fun life. Money was not a problem in those days. It’s not because I’m a rich kid or what not but I didn’t have a day job or a decent job to call. I didn’t have works to be passed or not even rushing things up because it was due. I wasn’t pressured or chocking myself up due to unbreathable loads of work.

I wasn’t having a problem with money because I had my own business. I wasn’t not into earning money. I wasn’t into the thought that money is our happiness. No, Of course not but don’t get me wrong, money could give us happiness. How would we be able to travel if we don’t have money for fare and what so ever? How would we be able to buy fancy and the-bomb-diggity food? Right?

But then these past days or these days, I felt really really exhausted. I wasn’t be able to do what I wanted to do because I have work to do. I have go to work and work my ass off. Very very hard. I have metrics to pass. I have bosses to impress and I don’t have enough time for myself and for other people who are so important to me.

Anyway, enough the drama. Haha! So yeah, I missed my old life but let’s be matured. So, instead of drowning myself with all this drama, I thought just to go with the flow temporarily and prepare myself for the future.

So here’s my on repeat list. Some of them were recently downloaded and some were not.

  • Ghost – Hasley
  • Talking Body – Tove Lo
  • Breezeblocks – Alt-J
  • Bright – Echosmith
  • Chocolate – 1975

Currently On Repeat

currently on repeat

I used to have series or currently posts onto my old blog on tumblr especially about music. Even to my advice posts, I made list of songs that  were related to a certain post. Haha! I’m a music lover, what would you expect?

Have you experienced discovering good new songs and decided to  legally download it and put it into your On Repeat List and listen to it, God only knows how many times? Well, I’m guilty.

Here’s my On Repeat List this week (These aren’t newly downloaded ones but still on repeat):

  • One Last Time – Ariana Grande
  • Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  • Coming Of Age – Foster The People
  • Elastic Heart – Sia
  • Somebody – Natalie La Rose