Why Just Now JB?


Unfortunately we still don’t have internet and I’m still using my phone to do stuff. We’re too busy working our asses off and too occupied with more important things. Making memories with love ones, reading books, making experiences etc.

I spent my whole day offs or weekend going to malls, and since they’re on sale, we bought some stuff. I’m trying to finish the book I’m reading to start another book. Colored my hair to golden brown but it turned out red 😱. Watched vlogs that I missed from my favorite vloggers on youtube. But most of the time, I’m just sleeping. Ha-ha.

While coping up with the vlogs I missed and searching some new good music to feed my ears, I saw this new music video of Justin Bieber — Sorry. And it was freaking good!

I already illegally downloaded his new single, What Do You Mean a week after they posted the official music video on youtube. But I didn’t expect his whole new album — Purpose, to be a great album. OMG.

Back then, I see Justin Bieber how I see Taylor Swift, I don’t like the artist but I like the songs. But today, after I heard the whole album with 20 tracks, I don’t know but I’m starting to like Justin Bieber himself! I can say that he already redeemed himself. Haha.

Already got my copy of his album and here’s the list of my top 5 favorite tracks (Not in order):
Where Are U Now
Love Yourself
Hit The Ground
Life Is Worth Living

Actually, I like every freaking track huhu, forgive me. I’m not into trend, if you’re my friend, you know that. But every track has a deep meaning, they executed it perfectly. See how this album has done to me? Haha. I also saw this photo on Facebook, and immediately shared it! Hahaha. Seriously!



What I Like In September

whie 2

Hello October and Goodbye September. Time flies fast. So this is my so called “September Faves”, since favorite is kinda cliche and I don’t want to think that these are my only best-like-stuff without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

  1. Heneral Luna. It’s a biopic movie, obviously about General Luna. I know that it started in cinema on the 30th of August but I just recently watched it. It was the best Filipino movie that I ever watched. Not being O.A. but it was, really. It was just upsetting in the later part of the movie. My Php 220 was worth it. I hope that we always make movies like this instead of the movies now-a-days like having mistresses, about having another benefits with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or a movie about teenagers being in love in a very young age and chose to be young parents instead of studying. I know that it’s just for entertainment but I think it’s nice to see movies about our ancestors. Entertaining at the same time, there’s a lesson-learn. You know what I mean? Also, it is still available on wide screen. If you’re a student or a teacher, just provide your ID and you can avail 50% off.
  2. Sunflower Beauty Oil by Human Nature. I read a lot of reviews regarding this magnificent oil. I started using it last month and with a decent adequate time, I can say that this is a pretty great deal. I’ve been eyeing with this one but have no time to buy it even their main office or store is just located nearby, a 15-minute drive from home. When Bading (My boyfriend) and I went somewhere, I saw it in a grocery store worth Php 149.75 for 50 ml, I grabbed the opportunity and bought it without a doubt. Anyway, It helps your skin to be beautiful, fades your dark spots caused by pimples or dark areas of the skin like elbow, underarm and bikini area due to frictions or even dark circles under your eyes. Take note, that it always depends on the skin type.This product doesn’t work to all skin types. For more reviews, you can visit their website.
  3. Vans Pewter Authentic. This is my very first pair of Vans. If you’re my friend, you definitely know how I love sneakers. Actually, I don’t have anything but sneakers. Ha-ha. I bought it in its original price. Kinda, pricey or there was a pinch in my heart knowing that I can buy these on sale to the mall across where we bought it. But nah, regret it or enjoy it right?
  4. King Sisig. It was our newly discovered fancy restau or fast food chain. They offer different types of sisig with a pinch of hotness. Upon ordering they will ask you how much spicy your sisig you want to be. I chose mild, and it was really hot and spicy! They also greet their customers as “your highness”.
  5. Ponds Pinkish White. I am the most lazy person on Earth who wants to have beautiful skin. I used to use this back then, but due to being busy I always forgot to apply it on my face. So I stopped using it, and since I’ve been stressed and what not, I got breakage so I decided to get back to my routine. So far, so good. It is a day cream but I also use it as night cream. After applying this, I apply the sunflower oil. I don’t know but it works perfectly fine.
  6. Bobby Box. There’s a new restau located near from our office. It is a casual Korean restaurant. Their food ranges from Php. 150 to 300 plus. I like their Spam and egg box.

So here are my September likes. I don’t have new book or newly discovered songs, album or singer/band but since I filed leave for one week, I have plenty of time to discover new things. I also want to post a very personal post but I’m still thinking about it. Anyway, No one is reading my blog, but still.. I don’t know. Haha. Also I went to a newly discovered thrift shop and I’ll post something about it and what I got.

New month, new life. We experience a lot of things from the previous month but I hope we learned something about it. Life goes on. Keep the good vibes and explore!