Why Just Now JB?


Unfortunately we still don’t have internet and I’m still using my phone to do stuff. We’re too busy working our asses off and too occupied with more important things. Making memories with love ones, reading books, making experiences etc.

I spent my whole day offs or weekend going to malls, and since they’re on sale, we bought some stuff. I’m trying to finish the book I’m reading to start another book. Colored my hair to golden brown but it turned out red 😱. Watched vlogs that I missed from my favorite vloggers on youtube. But most of the time, I’m just sleeping. Ha-ha.

While coping up with the vlogs I missed and searching some new good music to feed my ears, I saw this new music video of Justin Bieber — Sorry. And it was freaking good!

I already illegally downloaded his new single, What Do You Mean a week after they posted the official music video on youtube. But I didn’t expect his whole new album — Purpose, to be a great album. OMG.

Back then, I see Justin Bieber how I see Taylor Swift, I don’t like the artist but I like the songs. But today, after I heard the whole album with 20 tracks, I don’t know but I’m starting to like Justin Bieber himself! I can say that he already redeemed himself. Haha.

Already got my copy of his album and here’s the list of my top 5 favorite tracks (Not in order):
Where Are U Now
Love Yourself
Hit The Ground
Life Is Worth Living

Actually, I like every freaking track huhu, forgive me. I’m not into trend, if you’re my friend, you know that. But every track has a deep meaning, they executed it perfectly. See how this album has done to me? Haha. I also saw this photo on Facebook, and immediately shared it! Hahaha. Seriously!



OPM Favorites


Thanks to our insensitive neighbors who brought their radios to its maximum sound, I got an idea what to post. Ha-ha. Also, ALDUB gives me nostalgia every time I watch them because of their choice of background songs. So this portion of my blog is about my all time favorite OPMs and maybe something about it, or the story behind it? I mean, about my life.

I don’t know, but it’s amazing to think that sometimes, whenever something important happens, there is always background music, literally background. Or whenever we hear something, there is a certain scenario in our life that we automatically remember. Like, birthdays, right? Or that moment we (for girls) said yes. It was like there was a music playing but actually, there’s none.

First off, Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary. Whenever I hear this song, the thing that comes to my mind is when Bading and I went to U.P. Fair, I don’t know the year but it was back then and I remember that was Valentine’s Day. Since we have friends who have friends that were going to play in U.P. Fair, we had a privileged to go back stage and watch the performers like VIPs. So we watched Silent Sanctuary in the side part of the stage, I remember that there was an orchestra and one of our friends teasing us to kiss. Ha-ha. It was really a romantic scene.

Second, Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal by VST & Company but it was revived by Brownman Revival. Since Bading blessed such talent, he always sings this to karaoke. I also remember being 90’s kid. I seldom heard OPM in our house since my father is a fan of slow rock, we had tons of slow rock tapes but my mom is like me that is open to different genres of music. It always hits me of my childhood memories. Like our old wooden house, cassette tapes and black and white TV. So it’s nice to hear this whenever Mcdo’s commercial comes in.

Next is Torete by Moonstar88. This was the first song that I learned to play on a guitar. It was taught. Actually, I was just forced by my mother to learn playing guitar. I don’t know, maybe because all of them know how to, both of my parents. One day, a guitar vendor passed by our house, then my mother bought one. My sister, excitedly asked them to teach her how to play it, once she’d learned, she taught our cousin. And I didn’t have any intention to learn to play it but my mother forced me to do so. I’d learned some songs and some notes but didn’t continue it.

So there. Let’s leave it like that. Actually I’m not a fan of OPM now-a-days or the songs that were being composed or became known these days. I might say, that there’s a cancer in Philippine Music industry. It’s like “trip trip na lang”. The meaning, the story and the passion had gone. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. I’m not an artist, but this is my opinion as a listener.

Anyway, I might continue this portion and let see.

Currently On Repeat Vol. 3


Heyah! So these are my currently faves:

  • Come Together – Echosmith
  • All Eyes on You – Meek Mill ft. Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj
  • The Night Is Still Young – Nicki Minaj
  • Wild Dreams – Taylor Swift
  • Millionaires – The Script
  • I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith ft. A$AP Rocky

I’m fully aware that these songs don’t blend to one another but who cares? Ha-ha. I’ll make one next time, like a mixtape?

Currently On Repeat Vol. 2


These past few days, I missed my old life. My simple but fun life. Money was not a problem in those days. It’s not because I’m a rich kid or what not but I didn’t have a day job or a decent job to call. I didn’t have works to be passed or not even rushing things up because it was due. I wasn’t pressured or chocking myself up due to unbreathable loads of work.

I wasn’t having a problem with money because I had my own business. I wasn’t not into earning money. I wasn’t into the thought that money is our happiness. No, Of course not but don’t get me wrong, money could give us happiness. How would we be able to travel if we don’t have money for fare and what so ever? How would we be able to buy fancy and the-bomb-diggity food? Right?

But then these past days or these days, I felt really really exhausted. I wasn’t be able to do what I wanted to do because I have work to do. I have go to work and work my ass off. Very very hard. I have metrics to pass. I have bosses to impress and I don’t have enough time for myself and for other people who are so important to me.

Anyway, enough the drama. Haha! So yeah, I missed my old life but let’s be matured. So, instead of drowning myself with all this drama, I thought just to go with the flow temporarily and prepare myself for the future.

So here’s my on repeat list. Some of them were recently downloaded and some were not.

  • Ghost – Hasley
  • Talking Body – Tove Lo
  • Breezeblocks – Alt-J
  • Bright – Echosmith
  • Chocolate – 1975

Currently On Repeat

currently on repeat

I used to have series or currently posts onto my old blog on tumblr especially about music. Even to my advice posts, I made list of songs that  were related to a certain post. Haha! I’m a music lover, what would you expect?

Have you experienced discovering good new songs and decided to  legally download it and put it into your On Repeat List and listen to it, God only knows how many times? Well, I’m guilty.

Here’s my On Repeat List this week (These aren’t newly downloaded ones but still on repeat):

  • One Last Time – Ariana Grande
  • Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  • Coming Of Age – Foster The People
  • Elastic Heart – Sia
  • Somebody – Natalie La Rose