Bonifacio Day


On the other side of the Earth, they are having Cyber Monday today. And us, here in the Phippines, we have Bonifacio Day. It is a Special Holiday, remembering the birthday of one of our great heroes who fought our freedom from the greedy hands of the conquers who wanted to take advantage of the wealth of our own land.

To be honest with you, there’s no other special things goin on today unless you’re one of the people who really are into politics or activities to celebrate it. And me? I’m just at home, watching the last episode of The Walking Dead this year, I’m also finishing the book I’m currently reading and killing myself by boredom.

Looking on twitter, I saw this post of Saab Magalona:


I also saw a lot of responses from her followers. And me, myself got hook and had thought of it! Some of my complaints are:

1. If we, Filipinos could follow the stay on the right side of the lane. Like Japan does, or whenever we’re in school, I believe it was taught there, ’cause my school does, especially when we’re in public places. Bumping to people isn’t a nice idea.
2. If we could follow the line/queue responsibly. You know what I mean? Hays.
3. Please, make it a habit to cover your mouth whenever you’re going to sneeze or cough. Not everyone has strong immune system.
4. Don’t also be so insensitive spitting anywhere else or in public places or where and whenever you like. One, its gross and two, it can spread diseases! Oh my good Lord.
5. We have a lot of public vehicles here, and if you’re riding one, please sit properly unless you bought it.

Sometimes, I ended up talking myself complaining such. I don’t know, but I think it starts at home. If you could, please don’t hesitate to practice common sense rules. Better late that sorry!


Why Just Now JB?


Unfortunately we still don’t have internet and I’m still using my phone to do stuff. We’re too busy working our asses off and too occupied with more important things. Making memories with love ones, reading books, making experiences etc.

I spent my whole day offs or weekend going to malls, and since they’re on sale, we bought some stuff. I’m trying to finish the book I’m reading to start another book. Colored my hair to golden brown but it turned out red 😱. Watched vlogs that I missed from my favorite vloggers on youtube. But most of the time, I’m just sleeping. Ha-ha.

While coping up with the vlogs I missed and searching some new good music to feed my ears, I saw this new music video of Justin Bieber — Sorry. And it was freaking good!

I already illegally downloaded his new single, What Do You Mean a week after they posted the official music video on youtube. But I didn’t expect his whole new album — Purpose, to be a great album. OMG.

Back then, I see Justin Bieber how I see Taylor Swift, I don’t like the artist but I like the songs. But today, after I heard the whole album with 20 tracks, I don’t know but I’m starting to like Justin Bieber himself! I can say that he already redeemed himself. Haha.

Already got my copy of his album and here’s the list of my top 5 favorite tracks (Not in order):
Where Are U Now
Love Yourself
Hit The Ground
Life Is Worth Living

Actually, I like every freaking track huhu, forgive me. I’m not into trend, if you’re my friend, you know that. But every track has a deep meaning, they executed it perfectly. See how this album has done to me? Haha. I also saw this photo on Facebook, and immediately shared it! Hahaha. Seriously!


Not Young, Not Wild, But Free


If you’re reading this on my blog or any where else, finally, I’d gotten to post this! Most probably we already had a new internet provider. Well, we don’t! I’m using my phone to post this. So if you see some typo errors or what not, my apologies. At this moment, we don’t have internet at home because our internet provider — Wi-tribe sucks. And yes, unfornutely, we’re using Wi-tribe for quite some time now. Ha, would you believe our patience having business with them? We didn’t have a choice. Huhu.

Anyway, I was writing this down to my old 2014 planner that I hadn’t used that much ’cause I don’t always follow what’s written on my planner! Haha. And I was too lazy to get up and get the laptop. Maybe, I also missed writing literally since we’re paperless in the office. Anyway, I was listening to Arctic Monkeys so I’m enjoying this moment.

Since we don’t have, urgh, internet and I’m just taking advantage of the free (limited) data my telecom provider’s offering, I was just allowed to look at my fb or sometime, if I’m lucky enough could tweet once in awhile. While browsing my Facebook wall or timeline (??), I saw this post of one of my friends,

“Not young, not wild, but free.”

How cool was that right? Removing the added words is too cliche to this generation. And I just thought, yeah, yeah, that was cool.

I’m not young anymore, I’m not that wild, but I’m definitely free.

Who told me that even there’s added number to my age, I can’t do whatever I like? Who told me, in order for me to fit in, I have to do all the wild things spontaneously? And who told me that I’m imprison to this dictative and distractive world? It’s not necessarily mean that if you already tied the knot or your partner is not allowing you to do certain things you’re not free anymore. Everything is free, the only thing that we should keep in mind is, how are we going to enjoy life and be happy?

I just want to reiterate that we make our own choices to achieve so called, “happy life.” Of course, there might be bumps along the way, we may feel lonely sometimes or someone choose to let go and walk to a different direction but we might also want to consider for us to feel happy, we have to feel the sadness, loneliness, being left behind. Life has to be balance. You don’t have to do crazy things that could mess up your life because he broke up with you or so you can fit in. You don’t have to. I know sometimes life is harsh but you have to calm yourself down and think first. Like what they’d said, head over heel. Mind over matter.

I don’t want to be guru or psychologist here or teaching you on how to deal with life. Just a piece of advice. Hope this would help a little. Especially to my friends who are facing difficulties. Everything will be fine.

5 Happy Things


I was about to post this yesterday but I haven’t had any idea how to finish it. I just had a list of 3 out of 10, haha. I kept on writing the list of how I manage myself to be happy despite of hindrances instead of a list of the things that made me happy and I should thank for. Let me try it again, this time, maybe list of 5?

  1. Even my parents and I have arguments most of the time at the end of the day, I always realize how lucky I am to have them as my parents. Aaaawwww. Haha! No, but seriously, I’d heard a lot of complaints from other people or excuse me, from my friends as well about their parents. Don’t get me wrong, I just usually tell complaints to my friends too but that just how busy my parents are. That’s it. It’s just they’re giving us the best what they got. Basta, I’m so lucky. I don’t want this to be too dramatic. Haha.
  2. I have a love-and-hate relationship with my day job. I always think that I got the worst job on earth ever. If you don’t know my job. I’m working as bank associate and a relationship manager thru phone. Our main customers are Americans or those people who live in states, and yes, EST. Huhu. That’s why I really hate my job. I have to adjust my sleeping routine and my whole life to work my ass off. But then, when I’m thinking about it, I can buy whatever I want, I can experience the things that I couldn’t when I was a student or I had my own business. I can also support my family or even just pay the bills. And even I get lazy at times to go to work, I’d gotten a chance to have a conversation with an old folk or those friendly customers, those convos made my day already. It’s like you have new friends. I can talk with different people that have different cultures around the globe. The compliment coming from them that I don’t sound foreign or don’t have thick accent. I had a chance to talk to Americans, Koreans, German, English, Mumbai, Italians, Mexican, Russians, Spaniards, Aussie, Japanese and Chinese. That’s wow. You know what I mean? It’s like I already traveled around the globe.
  3. Since I chose to work my ass off instead of being stucked in the 4 corners of the room to study limited stuff written on books, and there are only 2 of my sisters still learning or mastering things from the book, I mean studying, Mom decided to pursue her Masteral. I believed that she consulted one of my sisters if it’s okay. Of course, it was. Its her dream, how could we say no?
  4. Just now, I’m not really sure if this should be posted here but it made me happy! My father just arrived, he’s complaining about his arm, I thought he got an injury or accident, he brought my mother to school but then, he got a tattoo! It made me happy ’cause last time I remember he didn’t want us to have a tattoo. Even just a hena. Me, as a stubborn child, I always made hena back then. I was planning to have a real one but since he didn’t want to, iyak na lang. Haha. But then, since he got one, wohooooo!
  5. Of course this wouldn’t complete without my lovey-love, let’s be real here, there’s no perfect relationship. Even we’ve been together for almost 8 years, we still argue and fight until now. But the best thing about this guy that he never gives up. I still feel butterflies in my tummy. He never fails to make me laugh even I’m in the baddest mood. let me agree, maybe yes, I’m pretty lucky with the people I have.

They said that happier people are the sadder people. I can say that I belong to the happy group that can be sad as well. I think that it just means, when they’re happy, they the happiest ones, but when they’re sad, they’re the saddest ones. You know what I mean? Anyway, we couldn’t say that we’re happy if we never experienced sadness. I always say to my friends that mind over matter.

OPM Favorites


Thanks to our insensitive neighbors who brought their radios to its maximum sound, I got an idea what to post. Ha-ha. Also, ALDUB gives me nostalgia every time I watch them because of their choice of background songs. So this portion of my blog is about my all time favorite OPMs and maybe something about it, or the story behind it? I mean, about my life.

I don’t know, but it’s amazing to think that sometimes, whenever something important happens, there is always background music, literally background. Or whenever we hear something, there is a certain scenario in our life that we automatically remember. Like, birthdays, right? Or that moment we (for girls) said yes. It was like there was a music playing but actually, there’s none.

First off, Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary. Whenever I hear this song, the thing that comes to my mind is when Bading and I went to U.P. Fair, I don’t know the year but it was back then and I remember that was Valentine’s Day. Since we have friends who have friends that were going to play in U.P. Fair, we had a privileged to go back stage and watch the performers like VIPs. So we watched Silent Sanctuary in the side part of the stage, I remember that there was an orchestra and one of our friends teasing us to kiss. Ha-ha. It was really a romantic scene.

Second, Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal by VST & Company but it was revived by Brownman Revival. Since Bading blessed such talent, he always sings this to karaoke. I also remember being 90’s kid. I seldom heard OPM in our house since my father is a fan of slow rock, we had tons of slow rock tapes but my mom is like me that is open to different genres of music. It always hits me of my childhood memories. Like our old wooden house, cassette tapes and black and white TV. So it’s nice to hear this whenever Mcdo’s commercial comes in.

Next is Torete by Moonstar88. This was the first song that I learned to play on a guitar. It was taught. Actually, I was just forced by my mother to learn playing guitar. I don’t know, maybe because all of them know how to, both of my parents. One day, a guitar vendor passed by our house, then my mother bought one. My sister, excitedly asked them to teach her how to play it, once she’d learned, she taught our cousin. And I didn’t have any intention to learn to play it but my mother forced me to do so. I’d learned some songs and some notes but didn’t continue it.

So there. Let’s leave it like that. Actually I’m not a fan of OPM now-a-days or the songs that were being composed or became known these days. I might say, that there’s a cancer in Philippine Music industry. It’s like “trip trip na lang”. The meaning, the story and the passion had gone. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. I’m not an artist, but this is my opinion as a listener.

Anyway, I might continue this portion and let see.

What I Like In September

whie 2

Hello October and Goodbye September. Time flies fast. So this is my so called “September Faves”, since favorite is kinda cliche and I don’t want to think that these are my only best-like-stuff without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

  1. Heneral Luna. It’s a biopic movie, obviously about General Luna. I know that it started in cinema on the 30th of August but I just recently watched it. It was the best Filipino movie that I ever watched. Not being O.A. but it was, really. It was just upsetting in the later part of the movie. My Php 220 was worth it. I hope that we always make movies like this instead of the movies now-a-days like having mistresses, about having another benefits with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or a movie about teenagers being in love in a very young age and chose to be young parents instead of studying. I know that it’s just for entertainment but I think it’s nice to see movies about our ancestors. Entertaining at the same time, there’s a lesson-learn. You know what I mean? Also, it is still available on wide screen. If you’re a student or a teacher, just provide your ID and you can avail 50% off.
  2. Sunflower Beauty Oil by Human Nature. I read a lot of reviews regarding this magnificent oil. I started using it last month and with a decent adequate time, I can say that this is a pretty great deal. I’ve been eyeing with this one but have no time to buy it even their main office or store is just located nearby, a 15-minute drive from home. When Bading (My boyfriend) and I went somewhere, I saw it in a grocery store worth Php 149.75 for 50 ml, I grabbed the opportunity and bought it without a doubt. Anyway, It helps your skin to be beautiful, fades your dark spots caused by pimples or dark areas of the skin like elbow, underarm and bikini area due to frictions or even dark circles under your eyes. Take note, that it always depends on the skin type.This product doesn’t work to all skin types. For more reviews, you can visit their website.
  3. Vans Pewter Authentic. This is my very first pair of Vans. If you’re my friend, you definitely know how I love sneakers. Actually, I don’t have anything but sneakers. Ha-ha. I bought it in its original price. Kinda, pricey or there was a pinch in my heart knowing that I can buy these on sale to the mall across where we bought it. But nah, regret it or enjoy it right?
  4. King Sisig. It was our newly discovered fancy restau or fast food chain. They offer different types of sisig with a pinch of hotness. Upon ordering they will ask you how much spicy your sisig you want to be. I chose mild, and it was really hot and spicy! They also greet their customers as “your highness”.
  5. Ponds Pinkish White. I am the most lazy person on Earth who wants to have beautiful skin. I used to use this back then, but due to being busy I always forgot to apply it on my face. So I stopped using it, and since I’ve been stressed and what not, I got breakage so I decided to get back to my routine. So far, so good. It is a day cream but I also use it as night cream. After applying this, I apply the sunflower oil. I don’t know but it works perfectly fine.
  6. Bobby Box. There’s a new restau located near from our office. It is a casual Korean restaurant. Their food ranges from Php. 150 to 300 plus. I like their Spam and egg box.

So here are my September likes. I don’t have new book or newly discovered songs, album or singer/band but since I filed leave for one week, I have plenty of time to discover new things. I also want to post a very personal post but I’m still thinking about it. Anyway, No one is reading my blog, but still.. I don’t know. Haha. Also I went to a newly discovered thrift shop and I’ll post something about it and what I got.

New month, new life. We experience a lot of things from the previous month but I hope we learned something about it. Life goes on. Keep the good vibes and explore!


Life in Photos

life in photos

  1. Last Monday, I asked Bading, my boyfriend to watch Heneral Luna. The meeting time was before 4 p.m. I didn’t have sleep that day but I managed to go out on time. I was wearing my new jersey shirt but when I heard the rain pouring, I changed to jacket, skinny pants and my bulky SB Nike. My so called, when-it-rains-heavily-starting-pack.
  2. He waited for me after shift. Take note, I work on a graveyard shift. My out was 5 a.m. and he was in 7-eleven outside our building at 4 a.m. I know, I was lucky to have this guy.
  3. Last time, our manager treated us in eat-all-you-can in Eastwood, I also got a certificate for being a top agent for the month of July.
  4. Whenever I come home early in the morning, I always notice this little cat sleeping on our old motorcycle. Such a cutie, I wanna pet her but she’s our neighbor’s.
  5. We all know that even girls have a lot of clothes, we always say that we don’t have something to wear anymore. And I felt it that moment. So I DIY-ed my huge Wrangler polo that I bought from the thrift store. And I nailed it!
  6. My boyfriend and I hung out in U.P., I missed that! I was goofing around and he was busy playing NBA on his phone.

Currently On Repeat Vol. 3


Heyah! So these are my currently faves:

  • Come Together – Echosmith
  • All Eyes on You – Meek Mill ft. Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj
  • The Night Is Still Young – Nicki Minaj
  • Wild Dreams – Taylor Swift
  • Millionaires – The Script
  • I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith ft. A$AP Rocky

I’m fully aware that these songs don’t blend to one another but who cares? Ha-ha. I’ll make one next time, like a mixtape?

Life Currently vol. 101


Hello young world! I so missed writing. I’d been so busy due to work and life-related stuff. Also, our internet provider sucks and I couldn’t do things online. And hey, this feels so good so let’s jump right into it.

Be sensitive. I’d seen the real life in the real world and I’d learned so many things. Real world is so beautiful but it’s people are cruel due to certain circumstances. We say and do bullshit things without being  sensitive enough.

Respect. Filipinos are known for being religious. But what I couldn’t understand is other people couldn’t respect what others’ beliefs. They can say cruel things whenever  they experience inconveniences. And that’s bullshit! Each of everyone of us, represents what our religion is or what we’re believing to. So I’m not really sure, if other religious sectors taught you to be like that or what not. It’s about respect and not being in the set of convenient.

Be unique. I know it’s not bad to idolize people and stalk them in a daily basis. To get some inspirations and what not but I don’t see it healthy, when others making their lives as exact same thing from the people they’re idolizing. You know what I mean? Or, if someone sees her/his friend does stuff and they’re successful with that certain thing, and you’ll do the same exact thing? Like, are you okay? Are you you? Ha-ha. Just be unique and don’t depend your life with others. Or just get inspirations from them instead.

Don’t just jump into something huge. My boyfriend and I were planning something big for next year. We decided to exert so much effort and just focus on one thing. Being extrovert , I really don’t know what to do first. But since I have guidance from him, I think we can do this.

It made me wiser. Life taught me so well.

Soul Adventurer. Every December, Robert always gives me an adventure gift. And we’re planning to go to Cebu or Bora this year.

Long term.  I just invested to something new. And still looking for other options or what the world has to offer. And as an open-minded and business oriented, I’m still not satisfied what I had/have. Not material stuff but what my life has/had. I don’t know how to explain but I had this perception that when it comes to being stable, don’t be contented having just one source of income. So even I have a day job, and invested to something else, got another business and still looking for somethings else. I have a lot of ideas and I don’t know how to apply those. Still working on it!

Be a sponge. Learning is not always in the four corners of school or doesn’t stop in school. So I’m going to pursue whatever I had started.

Be happy. If you’re following me on instagram or twitter, most probably you already knew what is it about. Well, all I know is, whatever you do people always say shit against you, so might as well do whatever makes you happy. Happy is a choice. Don’t let problem slaves the you.

I have so many things going on, if you’ll ask me what I’m going to do, I’ll just answer you a shrug and smile. Everything happens for a reason so just join the ride. But in that ride, be different, do your best effort, be the best of you and be the person your future you will thank you for.

Let’s Talk About Books

20140117_163031Which do your prefer: physical books or e-books?

Of course physical books. Back then, I tried to download e-books, after a week I just uninstalled everything from my phone. I like the smell and the feeling having a physical book. Buying a book is such an investment.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

I know that this question is asking for just one, but I have a lot! Haha. Here’s my list, Stephanie Plum from Plum Series by Janet Evanonich, Alaska Young of Looking For Alaska by John Green and Isabella Swan of  Twilight By Stephenie Meyer.

Longest book you read?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. And oh, there’s this book that I haven’t finished yet it feels like it’s so long. Haha. Eat Love and Pray.

What is your favorite quote from a book?

“Pain demands to be felt.” – The Fault In Our Stars

What are your reading habits?

Nothing in particular. I like reading in any position, but most often, I just lay in bed.

How many book shelves do you have?

I have three.

Most hated fictional character?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I have one.

How often do you read?

Back then, when I still had a lot of spare time, I always read. I could finish one book in just one sit or when I just bought book, I read it immediately. But now, I have a day work.. I don’t have enough time to read. Saddens me.

What’s your all-time favorite book?

I think, Looking For Alaska or The Fault In Our Stars

Which do you prefer to do: read one book at a time or several at once?

I tried reading several books at once but I couldn’t finish them! Hahaha. So, I just stick one book at a time.

Which book(s) do you think changed or had an impact to your life?

Every book that I read. Always make sure that you learned something from the books you’d read.

Where your favorite place to read?

In my room. So peaceful.

Do you ship book characters?

Yes! Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton.

What book took the longest time for you to read and for how long?

Eat Pray and Love

Favorite place to get books?

Pages and Chapters and National Book Store.