If you’re active on your social media accounts, I believe that you already knew about the Yulin Festival or Dog Meat Festival. I don’t want to tell anymore information with this festivity because to be honest with you, I don’t have knowledge with this. And this is saddening!

It is just disturbing seeing fur babies (dogs and cats) went to such barbaric, disgusting and God only knows what treatment they have under gone by stupid and heartless Chinese. Sorry but not really sorry. This is beyond cruelty!

Thank God there are still kind people who are activists to such festivity – Duo Duo Animal Welfare. They are so active  in social media opposing the Yulin Festival. They are also made a petition to be sent to the authorities of Guangxi China where the festival takes place. Please sign onto their petition, you should go here.

Sample image of the petition by Duo Duo Animal Welfare
Sample image of the petition by Duo Duo Animal Welfare

If you want to know more about Duo Duo Animal Welfare, here’s their website and Facebook page. Let’s pray our fur babies.


Currently On Repeat Vol. 2


These past few days, I missed my old life. My simple but fun life. Money was not a problem in those days. It’s not because I’m a rich kid or what not but I didn’t have a day job or a decent job to call. I didn’t have works to be passed or not even rushing things up because it was due. I wasn’t pressured or chocking myself up due to unbreathable loads of work.

I wasn’t having a problem with money because I had my own business. I wasn’t not into earning money. I wasn’t into the thought that money is our happiness. No, Of course not but don’t get me wrong, money could give us happiness. How would we be able to travel if we don’t have money for fare and what so ever? How would we be able to buy fancy and the-bomb-diggity food? Right?

But then these past days or these days, I felt really really exhausted. I wasn’t be able to do what I wanted to do because I have work to do. I have go to work and work my ass off. Very very hard. I have metrics to pass. I have bosses to impress and I don’t have enough time for myself and for other people who are so important to me.

Anyway, enough the drama. Haha! So yeah, I missed my old life but let’s be matured. So, instead of drowning myself with all this drama, I thought just to go with the flow temporarily and prepare myself for the future.

So here’s my on repeat list. Some of them were recently downloaded and some were not.

  • Ghost – Hasley
  • Talking Body – Tove Lo
  • Breezeblocks – Alt-J
  • Bright – Echosmith
  • Chocolate – 1975

5 Weird Things About Me

5 weird things about me

I’m not really certain to post this one, but then, why not? Haha. Definitely no one cares. What would I share then? Of course those I’m good at and that would be about myself! Haha.

Good thing, I have a personal blog that I could post whatever I want even if it’s nonsense. Bleh, not gonna follow certified and legit bloggers’ rule or tips about not posting rants. So I decided to put another “thing” here, another list.

If you’re an observant and we’re friends you knew this already but a lot of my friends don’t know these weird stuff about me. So here I’am and ready to throw the beans! LELZ.

I bite my tongue // whenever I’m so piss, so focus to a certain thing or gigil I tend to bite my tongue. I inherited that habit from my father. haha.

Mouth sore // I always get mouth sore. Actually I had last week and I was super ill for 2 weeks because of that then got another one last Monday until now and got another wound on my tongue. I’m so a looser. Huhubels~

Misuse of fork // I use the fork facing the front face of the fork towards the spoon. My parents thought me right. I just got used to that. Haha.

Coffee // I’m not a coffee drinker but when I want to drink one, I want it as cold coffee. Whenever I buy coffee it should be, iced coffee or coffee jelly or frappe. And when I’m at home, I put ice in my coffee. I also just drink coffee whenever I feel bloated or when the food that I ate 3 days ago haven’t digested yet. In short whenever I haven’t gone to the comfort room. Coffee has a strong kick for my digestion.

Strawberry & salt // When I eat strawberry, I should eat it with salt. I don’t see this weird but when I told this to my colleague, he laughed so hard and thought that it was weird. So okay, this might be weird but I just think that strawberry doesn’t have taste so I eat it with salt.

These are some of the things that are kinda weird about me. I’m not really shame of this. Why? I think it’s cute because these are my identifiers. Right?

Things You Should Try To Do Alone


Some people are too scared to be alone and yes, back then, I was too. I even couldn’t go to somewhere to eat or hung out with no one to be with. But I learned that being alone is not a sin and not that scary. Sometimes, being alone gives you privacy, silence or piece of mind that you wouldn’t find somewhere else. Sometimes, people are giving too much attention to things that are giving them headache or pain in the butt, and often times, what they don’t know is.. all they need is rest and silence.

Why don’t you try to do this alone and see:

  • Eat – go somewhere and eat a fancy food. Choose the most expensive ones, take a photo of yourself post it online and be proud.
  • Sip a coffee in a café – get your book and sip a coffee. Stay there for an hour or so. You might not notice, you’re already finished reading the entire book.
  • Buy clothes – go to a fancy boutique, test to wear an expensive item without an intention to buy it.
  • Go to a concert – just dance and sing along. Feel the music, enjoy yourself.
  • Jogging – you might wanna consider adding this. Plot a time. Go to the nearest park, bring your mp3 player/phone and plug your earphones and you’re ready to go. Exhausting yourself with this kind of thing is like rewarding yourself.
  • See a cinema – This might sound ridiculous to some, but I think, it’s nice to watch a movie outside of your comfort pace (your room). Cry yourself out! You might get shock seeing that you’re not alone being alone seeing a movie!
  • Walk your pet out – another enjoying thing to do with none human to be  with. Just your baby pet.
  • Travel – Go to the nearest town from your place that you haven’t gone yet. Meet new people, go on adventure and learned new things.

These are just some of the things you might want to try to do alone. It will not hurt. Sometimes, we just need some silence and just be yourself.

I Thought It’s A New Superhero, But I Was Wrong. Its American Ultra!

Jess Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart will back together on the big screen! From their Adventureland back 2009, they will be stoner lovers again in American Ultra. They have great chemistry onscreen and I’m so excited to see this new movie. And if you haven’t watched the Adventureland yet, I strongly strongly suggest that you watch it first and you’ll definitely laugh yourself out.adventureland_half_page3

When I first heard this new movie, I thought that  its gonna be a new superhero-thing-that-will-save-New York City-movie since Kristen Stewart changed her hair color to orange last April of 2014. But I’m totally wrong! It’s not! It’s American Ultra.

American_Ultra_Poster_-_Kristen_Stewart American-Ultra-Poster-Eisenberg

Last Thursday, May 28, 2015, Yahoo Movies released a red band trailer of American Ultra. It is starred by Jesse Eisenberg as Mike Howell and Kristen Stewart as Phoebe Larson.

American Ultra is an action comedy about stoner lovers — Eisenberg and Stewart. Everything started to get weirder when Mike Howell’s (Eisenberg)  past comes back as a trained killer named as Jason Bourne. With this weird stuff happened, Mike Howell must rescue his girlfriend (Stewart) who also appears to manage the whole situation.

The movie will be out on August 21, 2015.

You might wanna see the trailer.

Currently On Repeat

currently on repeat

I used to have series or currently posts onto my old blog on tumblr especially about music. Even to my advice posts, I made list of songs that  were related to a certain post. Haha! I’m a music lover, what would you expect?

Have you experienced discovering good new songs and decided to  legally download it and put it into your On Repeat List and listen to it, God only knows how many times? Well, I’m guilty.

Here’s my On Repeat List this week (These aren’t newly downloaded ones but still on repeat):

  • One Last Time – Ariana Grande
  • Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  • Coming Of Age – Foster The People
  • Elastic Heart – Sia
  • Somebody – Natalie La Rose

Needing New Human Parents; Adopt New Fur-Babies


When I was young, we had 2 dogs: (1) Tissue Sr and (2) Tissue Jr. My father gave their names and I don’t know why he named them Tissue. They were Philippine dogs and they were so beautiful. (Because they say, that askals aren’t beautiful. Boo you!). They passed away due to oldness. Imagine how sad we were when they passed away. They said that dogs could only live 13 years but I think Tissue Sr lived 15 years with us.

Back 2013, my BF gave me crossed breed cat name Sophie. I forgot why we named her like that. Sophie was really really beautiful and a weird cat haha! She’s so hyper and always want to play. I thought that she forgot she’s a cat not a dog. Since she was a young lady cat she kept on finding ways to get outside to find a husband or a mate (My parents told me). I remember my mom woke me up in paranoia because Sophie was missing. We roamed and asked around and we saw her on the roof of one of our neighbors’ with another cute cat. After that incident, we fixed our house and covered any hole that she might find to come out.Read More »

What Is Your Name Again?

20150301_165246-kdcollageHi, my name is Khay. I’m not a good writer and I don’t have skills. But I do still talk and share things through writing so here I am. This wouldn’t be my first blog but it still feels like it is. Haha. I believe, I had 4 personal blogs back then on tumblr and I’d been in a long hiatus because of different complications of life but then, that wouldn’t stop me to talk to myself or write, I should say. This page or site or blog wouldn’t describe the whole me. Don’t get me wrong but let’s get real here, it might reflect my feelings at certain things but this wouldn’t stand as myself or who am I. No, it might but not the whole thing. Does it make sense? Perhaps I’m just sharing things I believe people might get benefit from. Well, I do read. A lot. Especially when I have time. I’m a music enthusiast, I’m a panic buyer, I’m a traveler, photo taker, a fan of candid photos, a believer of my own, a doer, a lover, a friend and a family and I super love Chicken Adobo even I have allergy in chicken. And I have goals in life by the way. And just a head’s up, I might post a lot of rant things. Also complains and opinions since I’m a believer of my own. So please bear with me. xo, Khay